National Security

​The federal government is charged with protecting its citizens and providing for national security. In Washington, I will promote a strong military to protect our country and defend liberty and freedom.

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Personal Liberty and family values

Strong family values will help correct many of the problems facing society today. In Washington, I will work to defend family values and will defend your inalienable rights and freedoms given by to you by the Constitution.

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homeland security and immigration

​We have lost sight of what it means to be an American with Obama's failed immigration plan. We need updated policies to strengthen our border and protect against evolving threats to our homeland. 

Read My Plan For Orderly Immigration And Proper Foreign Policy

Fiscal Discipline and Budgets

With my experience in small business, financial planning, and the State Legislature, I have the skills to reform government spending in Washington.

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Jobs and the Economy

My years as a small business owner have taught me how government regulation can hurt our local business owners. I have fought to promote Michigan's talented workforce and brought jobs back to our state from overseas.

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