"He has the integrity, dedication, hard work, and most of all, he knows the community"

State Rep. Jeff Farrington

"When I knew I had a problem, I knew Tony would tackle it head on. He is part of the community, and he is a leader in the community."

Bob Cannon

Clinton Township Supervisor

"He's very serious about public service. Macomb Township has never qualified for state shared revenue, and Mr. Forlini a couple of years ago went to bat for Macomb Township. As a result of that, we were granted over $210,000."

Janet Dunn

Macomb Township Supervisor

"Tony works for the people."

Micheal E. Lovelock

Chesterfield Township Supervisory

"He's a big picture but he always follows through with the little things to make sure things work out well in the end"

Adam Wit

Harrison Township Clerk

I am proud to earn endorsements and support from community leaders throughout the 10th Congressional District

"He can solve problems. In local government and at the state government level, you have to fix problems, and he's demonstrated that to me. I think he's going to be a phenomenal Congressman"

Micheal Taylor

Sterling Heights Mayor